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Why Flexi-Working is the New Norm

Why Flexi-Working is the New Norm

04th April 2019

There was a time when the daily office grind was fairly predictable. Offices were designed to be functional, the working day played out from 9 to 5 with little variation and workers would sit at their desks for the most part, with the exception of lunchtimes spent in the office cafeteria, routine cig breaks or a quick gossip by the water cooler.


Fast-forward to 2019 and the professional experience couldn’t be more different for many. Advances in technology have given rise to new ways of working. With ease of communication, it’s never been easier to get your work done, whether you’re in the office, on the move or sitting on a sun lounger in Spain. Businesses are waking up to the demands of a new generation who, given the tools, can deliver success on their own terms.


The definition of flexible working is an arrangement whereby the employee has some say over when and where their work can be carried out, ultimately putting them in charge of their own workload. Some say this adaptable way of working is helping to tackle the gender pay gap by enabling women to have a career and juggle family life at the same time, while others champion it as a driver for mental health and a better work-life balance.


The fact is, every individual is different with varying strengths and needs. Some people are highly productive in the morning, while others thrive at night, preferring to get important tasks done later in the day. For a business to get the best out of its staff and enable success, it’s imperative that individual needs are catered for – and there’s no better way to do so than by introducing a level of flexibility at work.


Creating office spaces that work for employees in the same way that staff work for the business is a way to attract fresh new talent at a time when recruitment competition is fierce. Offering the best technology to connect colleagues working in different places at different times, allowing staff to work from different locations and even simple details like offering free coffee and comfy chill-out areas can all make a big impression on candidates looking for their next role. Then there’s the increased candidate pool created by offering flexi-working. By blurring the boundaries of the typical 9 to 5 day, employees can tailor their commutes to work for them, meaning the talent radius could stretch further.


In a survey by Glassdoor, a staggering 80% of respondents said that they would take benefits like flexible working over a pay rise, a strong indication that it could be the key to staff loyalty. This means that businesses can not only attract the people, but they can also keep them for the long term.


Club Thrive is a new service which gives members access to all our Thrive sites’ communal areas, enabling your employees to drop in to work at their nearest branch, use the breakout spaces or host a client meeting, without the commitment of renting one of our office spaces. Our members are reaping the benefits, with staff able to be productive and enjoy heading to work at a place where the atmosphere is buzzy and switched on, yet also relaxed with a collaborative culture.

We believe it’s high time businesses embraced a more flexible approach to office life. Putting our tenants at the heart of everything we do, we encourage this relatively new way of working that has been proven to motivate, inspire and increase the happiness of the workforce. Ultimately, a happy employee is a productive employee and that should be the goal for any business.

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