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The Google Effect on Workplace Design

The Google Effect on Workplace Design

05th March 2019

Boosting wellbeing and improving employee happiness has never been more pertinent

Workplace design has changed drastically over the past decade. Inspired by Google’s offices the world over, where employees can go climbing, play video games or hit a round of indoor croquet, businesses have shifted their focus from providing spaces that simply function to creating inspiring hubs that encourage employee wellbeing.

Gone are the days of workers being packed in sardine-style or dining in stuffy staff canteens; nowadays it’s less about saving space and money and much more about interior design and employee benefits, allowing the best possible working experience. With lengthy job tenures falling in favour of a more transient way of working – particularly amongst Millennials and their future successors – many businesses are facing a recruitment war. Modern workplaces need to respond to these challenges to cater for a selective and ambitious generation. Ultimately, talented people need a stimulating place to work (and free coffee!) so to attract the best staff, a company needs to look and act the part.

According to a recent report, Meeting Expectations, released by office interiors experts K2 Space, dated office design is the number one direct impediment to workplace productivity. Of the thousand workers surveyed, a lack of natural light (32%), colour and artworks (31%) and showering and washing facilities (20%) were all cited as areas for improvement within the workplace, while a desire for better collaborative spaces was also highlighted by 30% of respondents.

A key feature of any productive office is the breakout area – the beating pulse of the workplace where guards are down, creative juices flow and ideas are generated. Having a comfortable, attractive space where staff can relax, host informal meetings or simply work away from their desks is fundamental to building a positive working culture. Open spaces mean people can interact with each other without barriers, while light and bright décor and high-quality furnishings offer a ‘home away from home’, which in turn means workers are switched on for longer.

With the spotlight increasingly placing public attention on wellbeing and mental health across all areas of society, it’s important for businesses to step up and ensure their environments care for their colleagues. At Thrive, our ethos is to focus on our occupiers. Tenants love the breakout spaces and facilities we offer, with Club Thrive allowing them the flexibility to make use of the communal spaces at all seven of our properties across the North West.

Our latest openings offer an abundance of perks, with Foundry House in Widnes and Miller House in Farnworth providing a complimentary hot drinks machine, meeting rooms with the latest tech, a breakout area complete with pool table, showering facilities and a quiet room. Foundry House tenants can also enjoy working outside or soaking up some lunchtime rays in the Wi-Fi enabled garden area, meanwhile Miller House has a state-of-the-art gym to help promote a healthier lifestyle. Offering a space that employees want to come to, that’s easily accessible, encourages productivity and caters to the needs of every individual should be the number one priority for any business.

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