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6 ways to create a culture of collaboration in the workplace

6 ways to create a culture of collaboration in the workplace

10th June 2019

Collaboration is key when it comes to team success. A company that encourages communication with clients and other businesses is often the most rewarding for employees and conducive to the best work output. Check out these six ways to create a collaborative culture in the workplace.


1    The detail’s in the design

Design and layout are crucial to creating a collaborative atmosphere. Open plan offices encourage team work by removing the physical barriers, making communication instantly easier amongst colleagues. Meanwhile, contemporary furnishings and bright and airy interiors make for a space fit for productive client meetings. Our contemporary offices provide just that, with spaces equipped with all the mod cons and plenty of natural light – perfect for hosting meetings (and showing off to clients).


2    Technology talks

Once upon a time, workers sat at their desks with just a landline and a fax machine as communication tools. Nowadays, technology makes it possible to work just as collaboratively with the colleague sat next to you, as with your client in the Far East. With email, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack and a wealth of social media apps at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to stay in touch. At Thrive, we have the fastest Internet connection available, even in our outdoor areas, helping workers stay on top of their channels at all times.


3    Understanding our differences

A company that not only understands but celebrates the fact that every employee is different is often the most successful. Businesses with multiple personality types and diverse teams from different backgrounds are conducive to collaboration. Playing to team members’ strengths and pairing up varying skill sets effectively is key to maximising business performance.


4    Flexible working spaces

Having plenty of breakout spaces readily available for employees to use can boost productivity and enable colleagues to catch up on projects in an informal setting. Making these spaces both practical yet inspiring encourages creativity; Thrive’s communal breakout spaces allow members the opportunity to connect with not only their own colleagues, but other like-minded businesses too.


5    Talk it out

Teams that communicate effectively both internally and externally have the best chance of being truly collaborative. The key is to understand both their own and others’ motivators and work together to achieve either a common goal or various goals. Not all teams tick the same way, so it’s important to talk to each other and be respectful of everyone’s objectives.


6    Good vibes all round

Showing appreciation for good work can go a long way. Teams who congratulate each other on their success are more likely to work together to produce the best work. It could be something as simple as sending a glowing email amongst the team, to rewards such as a coffee round, a team lunch or an early Friday finish.


At Thrive we encourage collaboration with flexible work-spaces, contemporary design and fast connectivity. To find out more about Thrive and see which other businesses you could be working alongside, visit

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